FAQ – Frequently asked questions
Why does the proposed route not go along a certain cycle path without traffic lights which goes by the railroad/seashore/park area and which I consider to be the best alternative for the searched route?
The routing is primarily based on cycle paths of which good main routes are favoured. The service is not able to take into consideration such factors as traffic lights or the landscape.
Is it possible to seek a route that only goes along asphalt surfaced cycle paths?
You should select routing profile “prefer asphalt paved”.
How do I print out the route?
There are links to print view and print route above the map. You can print out the whole route in parts so that two map pictures fit on one A4 sheet. If you print out a long route, please consider closing some images.
Is it possible to use the Journey Planner for Cycling and Walking with a mobile phone or a tablet?
The user interface of the service is not optimized for mobile devices. However it's still possible to use service with them.
How do I load the route in my GPS-terminal?
You can download searched route in GPX- and KML-formats by clicking links above the map.
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